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Sheep World Tour

Sheep World Tour

Learn about New Zealand’s sheep farming

Sheep Farm Tour departing from Auckland

What is the Sheep World Tour? Learn about New Zealand’s sheep farming in a fascinating and entertaining one-hour presentation featured in numerous TV shows and magazine articles worldwide.

Tour starts by picking you up from Auckland CBD; then we head North of Auckland on a one-hour scenic drive.

When you arrive at the farm; the Show starts with the sheepdogs rounding up and bringing in the sheep, Which are then sorted and shorn.

The experienced presenters will explain what is happening throughout the demonstration, He will tell you about the Sheep Farming in New Zealand and the Sheering Competitions worldwide.

Shows are authentic and very interactive. Visitors will get a close-up view of all the action and of course, everybody wants to get ’hands-on’ when it’s time to feed the lambs!

You will have some time before or after the show (depending on the day) to walk around the farm and see other animals such as Ponys, Goats, Pigs, Roosters, Deers and much more.

After you finish your amazing farm Tour we head back to Auckland CBD.

Tour Highlights:

  • Pick Up from Auckland CBD.
  • Snacks & Water.
  • 1 Hour Sheep Sheering & Sheep Farming show.
  • Baby Lamb Feeding.
  • Eel Feeding.
  • Drop off at Auckland CBD.