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We are Committed to Sustainable Tourism

& Caring for Ehe Enviroment

Kauri Tree NZ - Auckland & Beyond Tours

Educating Our Visitors

We are always educating our visitors about the Native Forest, Native Birds & What we can do to protect it.
Our Vulnerable Nature Needs all of our efforts to keep its beauty and charm.
Kiwi Bird Spotting in New Zealand

We Adopt a Kiwi Every Year

At Auckland & Beyond, we are passionate about The Native Birds and preventing its extinction.
So we adopt a Kiwi every year to help The Otorohanga Kiwi House Critter Programme.
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Recycle & Reuse

Where Possible we always recycle and seperate our waste. We have separate bins ay our office for different waste.
We use reusable materials in our office, Ceramic Mugs & Plates, Stainless Steel Forks & Knives.
We use Biodegradable materials to clean our vehicles.
Plant a Tree - Auckland & Beyond Tours

Plant a Tree Initiative

Helping The Government increase the number of trees we have is part of our mission.
We Volunteer with The Department of Conservation Initiatives to Plant Trees all over the country.
It’s a way of giving back to the environment and protecting our beautiful nature.
Kiwi Bird Spotting in New Zealand

NZ Sustainable Tourism Commitment

We signed up to the Tourism New Zealand Aotearoa (TIA) initiative as pert of our ongoing commitment to sustainable tourism in NZ.

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TIAKI Promise

TIAKI is to Care for New Zealand.
We promise to follow the Tiaki commitment to New Zealand by Driving carefully, Being Prepared, Respect, Protect Nature, and Keeping New Zealand Clean.